Essential Box ($12.00)

Our essential box typically feeds 1-2 people. You can expect to find 4-6 different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and alliums.

Large Farm Box ($18.00)

Our large farm box typically feeds 3-4 people. Unless you consume lots and lots of fresh produce. You will always find 7-10 fresh organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and alliums.

Arugula ($3.00 )

This arugula is awesome! It's organically grown in Filmore and such perfect little baby leaves. It's already triple washed so all you need to do is eat it!

Blackberries ($4.00 )

These blackberries are coming from Rancho La Familia in Santa Maria and are grown organically. They are $4 a basket.

Butternut Squash ($3.95 )

These butternut squash are coming from John Givens farm in Goleta. They're on the smiller side of squash life making it super easy to cut & chop.

Cantaloupe ($4.15 )

These cantaloupes are grown in Carpinteria by Frecker Farms. The variety is called Sarah's Choice and they are super sweet! They are picked ripe so dive in when you get yours!

Carrots ($2.25 )

Our carrots this week are coming from Ellwood Canyon Farms in Goleta. They are nantes carrots and so sweet!

Cilantro ($1.75 )

Our wonder magical cilantro is coming from John Givens farm in Goleta. And is priced at $1.75 a bunch.

Delicata Squash ($2.50 )

These delicata squash are being grown in Carpinteria by Alex Frecker. They're small and easy to handle.

Eggplant ($1.50 )

These eggplants are being grown in the warm Coachella Valley by Pasha Farms. They are $1.50 each....

Fingerling Potatoes ($3.00 )

These fingerling potatoes are from Cal Organics in Arvin, CA. They are multi colored so there are purple potatoes in there which is so cool I think! Tossed these with olive oil, rosemary and sea salt!

Fuji Apple ($3.50 )

These fuji apples are coming down all the way from Washington right now. That's as local as they come. Soon we'll get California ones. $3.50 a lb.

Garlic ($1.00 )

This AWESOME garlic is so awesome. The cloves are are big and flavorful! The garlic is grown in Imperial Valley by Harris Ranch.

Green Bell Pepper ($1.25 )

Our green bell peppers are currently being grown in Coachella area by Pasha Farms. They are $1.25 each.

Green Cabbage ($2.25 )

These green cabbages are coming from John Givens in Goleta. They are awesome, big and sweet. Make some kraut!

Green Seedless Grapes ($3.50 )

These green grapes are awesome! They're so crunchy and sweet! They are coming from Anthony's Vineyard in Bakersfield.

Haas Avocado ($1.50 )

Our haas avocados are currently coming from Steve Dyer's home ranch on Rincon Mountain in Carpinteria. They're so good right now!

Heirloom Tomatoes ($4.00 )

These heirloom tomatoes are grown by an assortment of our favorite growers; John Givens and Jose Alcantar. $4 lb.

Jalepenos ($0.50 )

Our jalepenos are currently being grown in Coachella area from Pasha Farms. They are .50 cents each. Enjoy!

Lacinato Kale ($2.00 )

Our lacinato kale this week is coming from Rancho La Familia in Santa Maria. It's amazing, green and so healthy! Check out all our recipes for raw kale salads :)

Organic Super Seed Farmer Bread ($6.00 )

This super awesome organic super seeded farmer bread is baked at Pacific Health Foods, just around the corner from our produce stand. It's baked on Tuesday mornings. Does it get any fresher than that??

Pomegranates ($2.00 )

These pomegranates are coming from Fresno area and are $2 each. Don't be scared about deseeding a pomegranate, we have a video to guide you thru.

Purple Onion ($1.50 )

These purple onions are grown by Cal Organics in Arvin California. They have a little spice and lots of flavor!

Rainbow Chard ($2.00 )

This rainbow chard is grown in Carpinteria by Alex of Frecker Farms. Check out our recipes online on what to make with chard!

Red Bell Pepper ($1.95 )

These organic red bells are coming from John Givens farm in Goleta and are $1.95 each. So great to munch on or put them in salads!

Red Cherry Tomatoes ($4.00 )

These red cherry tomatoes are grown by John Givens in Goleta. They are awesome and at $4 a basket!!!

Red Seedless Grapes ($3.50 )

These grapes are grown in Bakersfield by Anthony's Organics. They're so good & crunchy! $3.50 a lb.

Roma Tomatoes ($1.85 )

These roma tomatoes are coming from Sunrise Organic Farm in Buelton. They're bursting with flavor and perfect of sauce, bruschetta, or salsa.

Russet Potatoes ($0.90 )

These russet potatoes are currently being grown in Washington but they were JUST harvested, so super fresh!

Salad Mix ($3.00 )

Our salad mix is currently coming from Casitas Valley Farm in Carpinteria. They grow this amazing baby blend on the 150 road to Ojai. We recommend washing it :)

Shallots ($1.00 )

These shallots are being grown in Gilroy by Christopher Ranch Farms. They are $1 per pig bulb. Use them for your salad dressings :))

Slicing Cucumbers ($1.20 )

Our slicing cucumbers are being grown in Goleta by John Givens. They are 1.20 each and pretty sweet!!

Spinach ($3.00 )

This is a half pound bag of baby spinach that is grown organically in Filmore, California. Already washed!

Strawberries ($4.00 )

Our strawberries this week are from Frecker Farms in Carpinteria. Get them while you can! They're slowing down!

Sweet Potatoes ($1.60 )

These sweet potatoes are grown in Northern California by Miss Livingston. They're so great! Everybody loves these!

Tomato ($3.50 )

These tomatoes are so good!! They are grown outdoors in Goleta by John Givens, seriously so good! They are $3.50 lb.

Yellow Onion ($1.50 )

Our yellow onions are from Cal Organics in Arvin California. They are a semi spicy onion and great with any vegetable dish.

Yellow Zucchini ($2.00 )

These super attractive yellow zucchini are coming from Frecker Farms here in Carpinteria. They are $2.00 a lb.

Yukon Gold Potatoes ($2.00 )

These yukon gold potatoes are grown in Arvin by Cal Organics. They are this years crop = super fresh and yummy!

Zucchini ($2.00 )

Our zucchini is currently being grown in Goleta by John Givens and is $2.00 a Lb. Enjoy!............