Picking up your Share at a Drop-Point:

Here's what to do when you go to pick-up your farm box:

1. Please locate your box at you drop off point. Any specific pick up details are listed on the pick up location list on our website. Boxes are individually labeled. Other members boxes may have additional items they have paid for. Please do not take someone else's box.

2. Please leave your empty, broken down box to be returned.

3. Follow our 'how-to-store this weeks box' instructions that are located at the bottom of our email and store content immediately once home.

 *Our policy is that we do not guarantee produce past the designated pick-up time. Out of courtesy to all involved, we ask that you adhere to the designate pick-up time. No credit is issued when a person arrives late to claim their box, and the box has been donated. If you are unable to pick up your box and know so three days in advance from delivery you can put a hold on your account and you will not be bill nor will a box be delivered. For more information check out the 'Hold' section.


Putting Your Box on Hold: 


It's easy to manage your account online. If you are going out of town and want to skip your next delivery, you can put a future box on hold by going to your account and clicking on the calendar day you wish to hold. All holds must be placed no later than three days prior to your delivery time. Unfortunately we cannot accept cancellations at the last minute because the produce has already been harvested. One option is to have a friend pick up your box or to donate your box. 


Recycling Boxes: 


Re-using our boxes helps keep our overhead low, which translates into keeping our prices low for you. In order to do this effectively, the boxes need to be returned. We encourage our members to bring their own bag when they pick up their box and to leave the box at the site.




1. If you cancel your membership you must notify us before the 24 hour cut off time for your next box delivery in order to receive full refund for that delivery.

2. No refunds will be given for any boxes that are packed and not picked up.

3. It is your responsibility to pick up your box during the pick up window unless we've given you word that your box will still be there after hours. A refund will not be made if you show up late and your box has already been donated.  



We understand that the farm box model may not work for everyone. If you would like to cancel please send us an email with the reason you're canceling and we'll cancel your membership as long as it's three days before your next scheduled delivery. Refunds will be issued in the same manner that payment was received.