choose a farm box


choose a farm box

$12.25 Essential Box

Our essential box is a great box with both vegetables & fruits. For $12 you can expect to get 2-4 veggies & 1-3 fruits. This box is perfect for a single person or couple wanting to explore new fruits and veggies.

$15.50 Snack Box

Our snack box is a new favorite, NO COOKING! You can eat everything raw in this box! Want to eat more healthy but a little scared of your own cooking? This box is perfect for YOU!

$18.50 Original Box

Our original farm box typically feeds 3-4 people. You will usually always find 4-7 vegetables, 2-4 fruits, sometimes herbs and always an allium. On Fridays you can expect to get an emailing which will tell you what will be in your next farm box. From there you can shop our add-on store and if you're

$25.75 Family Box

This is a perfect farm box for a family with kids. If you want snacking fruits & vegetables for the kiddos but also want some 'adult' healthy foods for you than this is the box for you.

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Cherries ($4.50 )

These awesome red bing cherries are grown in Washington by Grand View Farms. They are $4 a basket. We love them!

Green Seedless Grapes ($3.50 )

These green grapes are awesome! They're so crunchy and sweet! They are coming from Anthony's Vineyard in Bakersfield.

Sourdough Bread ($10.00 )

This sourdough bread is from Riviera bread.