choose a farm box


choose a farm box

$12.25 Essential Box

Our essential box is a great box with both vegetables & fruits. For $12.25 you can expect to get 2-4 veggies & 1-3 fruits. This box is perfect for a single person or couple wanting to explore new fruits and veggies.

$15.50 Snack Box

Our snack box is a new favorite, NO COOKING! You can eat everything raw in this box! Want to eat more healthy but a little scared of your own cooking? This box is perfect for YOU!

$18.50 Original Box

Our original farm box typically feeds 3-4 people. You will find 4-7 vegetables, 2-4 fruits, sometimes herbs and an allium.

$25.75 Family Box

This is a perfect farm box for a family with kids. It's enough fresh food to get you thru the week!

$34 Hello Harvest Box

Our biggest and most special box is for those that crush veggies. You will find 4-5 different vegetables in this box, 3-4 fruits, avocados when in season and a bunch of herbs. If you cook mostly at home, this box is for you.

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